The Rear View…


Decades ago when I was learning to drive the tutor would yell at me over and over telling me to stop looking in the rear view mirror. My goal was to look back to ensure I’m prepared for those crazies when they get too close to avoid being rear-ended. Good thinking? Hopeful …Hmm not sure.

But now as I get older I’m applying the same principle to life. If we constantly look back at the past getting angry at those who did us wrong, or constantly remembering past mistakes …we will never be able to focus.

I’m a firm believer in looking back periodically whether its monthly, quarterly or annually to assess changes for goals and to keep track of my plans ahead. However, it’s important to focus. Only with focus and direct steps will we be able to achieve our goals, dreams and aspirations.

Today, take the time to reflect on the past year. Reflect on how you deviated from your goals at the start of the year. Then learn from it. Put it aside and steer towards the finish line. Be a distance runner. Pace yourself then head towards the finish line. You’ll make it at the the right time with steady speed, resilience and concentration.

Cheers to the new you!


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