Dreams: Epic Selfie 🤳 

TIME Magazine shared the story of a young lady who trespassed on a private property to take a selfie on California’s highest bridge. She slipped and fell 60 feet below! Luckily for her, she only suffered several broken bones, an Outlier that in her Tenacious efforts knocked her unconscious but she lived to Heal and tell the tale!

I attended a meeting recently and the dream of one young lady was to visit Arizona to take a selfie 🤳 on a cliff. Love the dream! But…are such dreams worth your life should you slip?

Goals inspire! They ignite our passion to dream, to prepare, to plan while ultimately enjoying the journey. Sure some dreams are safe! Some risky…even explosive! Some make our mouths water! With all that, let’s use wisdom to survive, to thrive to reap the benefits!


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