WHen Life Knocks You Off Your Feet…

Alena planned an inaugural event for a learning institution in need. It was going to be grand. Sponsors actively participated. The media agreed to show up. Surprisingly the greatest struggle came from the leadership. It seemed it was going to be a failure. Downcast she continued the event’s activities. Naturally, fear, anxiety, agitation and more reared its ugly head. But she plodded on.

The event turned out not to be a Notorious Farce. The turnout was grand though a little less than she planned but the event was a tremendous success. She walked away with key learnings for the next year. Yup! There’ll be another.

So when life knocks you down; when sickness, pain, sudden job loss, marriage fails, children falter, relationships go south; cry if you must but just stay focused on your goal. You’ll get there with consistency, tons of hard work, and persistence. Find a mentor, a confidante, or Coach who will help you ride the waves. Never Give Up. Let the negatives Descend and remember, nothing good comes easy. Stay the course. You’ll get there.


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