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Dr. Shelly Cameron is an Organizational Leadership Specialist. Through her book Success Strategies of Caribbean American Leaders she revealed the results of a phenomenological study conducted with Nova Southeastern University, and published in the JAABC Business Journal which explored the hidden secrets of successful leaders. She now connects it to those aspiring to achieve. Individuals are challenged to take that first step to accomplish their dreams, goals, and aspirations. As Author, Speaker, and Coach, Dr. Cameron holds Graduate degrees in Organizational Leadership, Health Administration, and HR Management

Success Strategies Workbook

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or stressed, this Companion Workbook is for you. It provides exercises, activities, and assessments designed to help on your personal learning journey to accomplish your dreams, goals, and aspirations. As you engage in deep reflections, you will learn more about yourself, and apply the skills necessary to drive your success.

This Easy-to-Use Workbook will help you to:

  • Become Motivated to Achieve your Goals
  • Define what Success Means to you
  • Build your Self-Confidence through understanding your Leadership Skills
  • Take charge of your personal development, life goals, and career path
  • Be inspired to change and share your success with others


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Success Strategies

I have published Success Strategies of Caribbean American Leaders in the United States. The book is the result of a phenomenological study done through Nova Southeastern University. It reveals the reasons Why Some Individuals Succeed While Others Don’t.

Interviews were conducted with leaders of various industries including Healthcare, Media, Education, Government, Aviation, Philanthropy, and more. Individuals in top leadership positions who have received honors and recognition in the United States were interviewed and their narratives were included. The goal was to encourage aspiring migrants that they too can be successful at achieving the American Dream.

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The Leadership Challenge

Peer Reviewed article published in the Journal of American Academy of Business Cambridge  (JAABC),   March 2016



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