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A Mistake Repeated More Than Once Is A Decision…

Don’t touch that! It’s hot! That’s what I told my 4-year-old, years ago. Sure enough it intrigued her and off she went sneaking behind me. Touched the iron and a squeal ensued. No doubt I am not alone with that experience. That’s how children are. They go after risks even when warned. Then they learn.

A Mistake repeated more than once is a Decision

The point is, that’s just how adults should be. Go after new things. Try it, then learn from it. There is wisdom in recognizing a mistake and knowing when to move on. Here’s one Entrepreneur David Mullings who did just that.

Made a decision that didn’t work out? Do share. We would love to hear.


A Conversation With Matriarch Pat Chin On Overcoming Barriers As A Woman In Business…

My Reggae Music Journey

Reggae Music Matriarch, Miss Patricia Chin shares her story and new book “My Reggae Music Journey from Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall”. Her name is synonymous with artists such as Beenie Man, Etana, Buju Banton, Beresford Hammond and many more. Sharing this conversation during Miami Book Fair’s Virtual Event.

In this discussion she shared her journey on overcoming Barriers as a woman in business.

Listen in and get a copy of her book at proceeds of which goes to the Alpha Boys School.


A Literary Conversation With Author Of Ditch It. Switch It…

Physically distant, but socially engaged — Miami Book Fair Virtual event comes alive for author readings, conversations and workshops. It’s my delight to host Conversations with Authors and industry leaders .

Hear my story as I chat with Executive Coach and Diaspora Liaison Maxine Barnett.

Miami Book Fair Literary Conversation With Author Of Ditch It. Switch It…

It’s A beautiful satisfaction when dreams come through. I reflect on a young lady who shared her experience of leaving her job. She was hesitant, hid from the quiet signals that came her way. The signals that said, it’s time to change. A year later when she decided to take the plunge, it’s been an unforgettable journey. One that brought achievements and fulfillment.

Then there are those who need to be hauled out. Tear after year they Miserable yet they stick to the misery. 
The Book “Dutch it. Switch it” was written as a guide to help you get out of your comfort zone. It may be a job you like but you feel the tug to do something different. It may be a step up the Corporate ladder but you’re afraid. It might be an Entrepreneurship venture that excites you but the reality of your bills and living paycheck to paycheck scares you. 

This Book began with the reflection on the success of the everyday person like you and me. I stepped forward and delved into a 2-year Research on Success and Leadership. Leading yourself is one if the list important things you can do.

After months of the Pandemic experience, it’s the prime opportunity to reflect and step out. Go do what you’ve always wanted to do.  Get a copy or connect with me to discuss How you too can Step out of your comfort zone. Or like I always say… do it afraid.  Tune into my discussion with Maxine Barnett, Executive Coach and Diaspora Liaison to learn about the journey

Goals: Don’t Wait. Don’t Look Back…

Success Strategies

“Run love! Run!” Those were the words I shouted to my preschooler when she was running track on her first school’s sports day. We found out that she had talent very early. She started running and when she discovered that she was way out ahead of the other runners, she stopped to look back for the other kids in the race. And if that was not enough, she decided to wait on them to catch up with her. It was a hilarious sight! Indeed it was no surprise when she became Famous for this little feat.

But aren’t we a lot like that at times? We are making huge progress towards our goals, dreams, and aspirations, then we stop. It seems too good to be true. We wait and before realize it, we have missed our path and go off track.

As we approach yearend, how have you been progressing…

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Love To Travel? Inherit An Ancestry 2nd Passport From Any Of These 5 Countries…

Travel is love. Travel is a dream come through for those who love to fly, set sail, or some even trek to heights untold. Mount Everest anyone? Well here is some good news! To avoid the hassle of getting a visa to enter enjoy your getaway vacation, Travel and Leisure surprised us with the list of countries you can gain a second passport from. Our grandparents or great-grandparents who came from any of these wild destinations just upped our inheritance. Take a look:

  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany

Take a deep look at your ancestry and see if you qualify. Then get packing!


Useless. Doing Something Efficiently That Should Not Be Done At All…

Success Strategies

Across from her I stood. Watching as she carefully arranged the papers for delivery. Unknown to her was the intrepid fact that her department would be cut the next day. No amount of hard work could Criticizeor change that fact. Decades ago who would ever have thought that society would change. Newspapers were no longer being read by the mass and the company had to cut back. Sad as it was the staff had to be reduced to save what little of the company that could be salvaged to its new online medium.

Peter Drucker was wise when he said there is nothing quite so useless as doing with great…

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Book Marketing Tips For New Authors…

By Jane Friedman

21 Authors Share How Their Writing Journey Began…

Writers Write. Readers Read. Together they are one

I am always intrigued by stories, especially those told by others about new beginnings. Here I share as writers told how they writing journey was inspired.

  1. I wrote to escape the loneliness of my husband who had to work away from home as we transitioned to the cold north.
  2. When I moved away from my childhood friends
  3. My short essays and fiction have all been written from my life.
  4. It must have been engrained in my blood
  5. A nosey irritating neighbor who believed I needed company
  6. Daydreaming during a long commute that had dialogue and scenes that demanded to be written down
  7. 26 months solitary confinement with short stories from my childhood as a start
  8. A terribly boring book I read to my son at age 6. I knew I could do better
  9. God gave me the desire to write
  10. The pandemic and Quarantine made me take the plunge
  11. A dare from a neighbor
  12. Getting into trouble for talking in the study hall and being assigned to write a 500 word theme to write on anything I wanted as punishment. Next day I turned in a 13 page short story.
  13. My first novel resulted from an ugly divorce
  14. The loss of my beautiful baby boys.
  15. The ideas and content come to me in dreams. I have to just put them in order.
  16. Car accident that left me disabled for a while
  17. A dream and three nouns
  18. My right (creative) side of the brain dying a slow death in a left side dominant (rational) job
  19. My imagination
  20. Sitting in the airport for a 2-hour-layover, waiting on a flight to hunt with my kids. The rest is history
  21. Nature walk with just me and headphones

Interesting new beginnings! How about you? Do share how your own writing journey began. Here’s mine.


The Price Of Success…

You’ll never be brave if you don’t get hurt. You’ll never learn if you don’t make mistakes. You’ll never be successful if you don’t encounter failure.


My daughter’s Little 9-year old team lost the game in the basketball finals. Naturally, he was disappointed. Sulked all the way home. But later he came to me a little brighter, and said he remembered a Quote:

“You will never succeed if you don’t encounter failure”.

Then he walked away.
I know his future’s bright because that’s what you do when things go wrong, You get back up and try again.

So today I encourage you to never give up on your dreams, goals and aspirations.

See you at the finish line.


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