Summer Travel! Oh The Adventures!

When things go awry, sometimes happy accidents ensue.


When things go awry, sometimes happy accidents ensue. After a few days of attending a workplace reunion filled with laughter and cheer, I excitedly went to the airport to return home. All went well as I checked in, duty free shopped and finally went to get a snack before my international flight home.

On a whim I caught sight of an alert that said something about flight being cancelled! Did I see right, I asked my self. Quickly I checked the flight app and sure enough the flight was cancelled. But why? In the midst of shock, horror, inconvenience and more, many questions rolled into my head. I headed to the departure area to seek answers. That was of no repute since airline crew were filled with screaming passengers mad about missing work appointments and more. Unfortunately … the flight’s ground attendants had no answers. I kept silent … it was unnecessary for me to say anything that wasn’t already said. Thinking of my next day coaching appointments and more, I scurried to get a snack as I expected a long afternoon ahead.

Later, the crowd of more than one hundred plus passengers straddled behind ground crew to retrace our steps, grab checked luggage to get back to the airline’s main customer service area. There were no other flights available that evening. A few passengers headed back to friends and relatives while the majority climbed into buses ordered for commute to a fine 5-star hotel approximately 20 minutes from the airport.

What ensued was checking into the hotel all expenses paid including meals and accommodation at an exquisite tourist spot. I watched the changes unfold in the ‘distressed’ passengers’ behavior go from screams on hearing the news to exhibiting silent tales of gratitude with a few even saying how thankful they were for the extra ‘vacation day’.

Next day passengers made the trek back to the airport, bags in tow, for the journey to their various places of destination a la carte.

In summary, as I have often maintained, man plans but God directs his steps. Who knows what our plight might have been if our original plans stayed fixed on a flight with ‘per se’ mechanical problems.

What about you? Have you ever suffered a setback from an international flight delay or something else? Do share, we would love to hear.


Inc’s 4 Signs A Leader Is Not Fit To Lead…

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.

John Maxwell

Follow the Leader, the popular song says. But is it always true to follow every leader? Are some better leaders that others? You can be assured that indeed some leaders are in fact better than others.

An INC’s article shared the top 5 signs that a leader is not a fit. Here I share my top 4 favorite.

Narcissistic Tendencies & More

  • Narcissist tendencies
  • Look out for themselves only
  • Treating people like numbers
  • Too much control

Which stands out to you? Are there other signs you can recognize? Do share, we would love to hear.


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New Book: Women Immigrants & The Challenges Faced …

New Book! Success comes in many forms. For me it was a delight to partner with Dr Indiana Robinson as she did a deep dive research into women immigrants. I was honored to expound on my initial research of Success Strategies of Caribbean American leaders in the United States.

In this book titled “A Review of Women Immigrants and the Challenges Faced”, Dr Robinson expanded on deep dive research on immigrants and the path they took.

Together we shared excerpts of the stories of women immigrant leaders and their perspectives on higher education in the United States. Our own stories are included.

On the cover kudos given to female graduates who enthusiastically shared their graduation pictures to emphasize their success and tenacity to strive to overcome challenges to be successful.

Get/Gift a copy of this new book which is now available on Amazon

Thoughts about this new research? Do share. We would love to hear.


Mid-Life Leaders Career Switch: An Interview With ICF South Florida Chapter…

Let no one define what Success means to you. Define it for yourself

@Dr. Shelly C

It was a pleasure sharing my background and coaching experience with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) South Florida Chapter Host, Eric Goeres, PCC. Listen to the Podcast recording or read the details below to learn more about my Journey.

My Journey

How did I become, what was your journey to, how did you wind up becoming a coach? What is your background?

I worked with a major global pharmaceutical company for over 14 years in a HR Strategic Leadership role where I held HR responsibility for countries in the Caribbean reporting into USA/Latina region. I coached and advised business managers on managing their people. At the height of my career, having led the project to successfully achieve the employer of choice award, I decided to go in a different direction. The goal was to make a difference in healthcare and the wider community in the USA.

Even though I already had a masters in HR Management, I enrolled full-time in the Masters Health Administration program. On completion, I got my dream role to manage a group of medical practices located throughout South Florida.

I eventually partnered with the Institute of Caribbean Studies in Washington DC, where I am Chief Judge for its Flagship 30 Under 30 Ignite Caribbean Initiative recognizing the changemaking efforts of outstanding individuals under 30 years old.

As I reflect managers I have worked with kept reaching out to me at major crossroads in their life. Ethics, trust, and confidentiality were always my standard and I guess it followed me. People would reach out to share and talk with me confidentially about their next steps. After noticing the pattern and giving myself to any opportunity that arose, I realized that coaching was something I was passionate about but never considered officially. It was then I decided to take the leap into becoming accredited. That’s how my formal accreditation journey began early 2022.

Leadership Coaching

What kind of coaching do you do? And who do you work with?

My focus is on Leadership Coaching. I work with 40+ Mid-Life Corporate Leaders in Transition. This niche was perfect for me as my experience included several global mergers and acquisitions and was formally trained in change management. On top of that my doctoral studies focused on organizational leadership. I later published Journal article titled: The Leadership Challenge: Success Strategies of Immigrant Leaders in the USA. This was also published in books titled Success Strategies as well another titled “Your Career: Ditch it Switch”, which I now use to help coach leaders in transition.

Coaching Style & Philosophy

What’s your coaching style? How do you coach? What’s your coaching philosophy?

Versatility, depending on the needs of the client.

Special Project

Is there anything specifically you’d like to talk about?

My writing is something that is special. I write to satisfy my curiosity or personal growth and development. It then turns out that others seem to have the same issues as me, so I share, and it inspires. So, I will continue my publishing journey. I also talk a lot about Fear because it’s something that holds us back. My philosophy is to “do it in spite of your fear”.

I have partnered with Dr. Indiana Robinson to publish book titled Women Immigrants and the Challenges Faced: Perspectives on Higher Education in the United States.

Growth of coaching in organizations and its link to change management

The Future of Coaching

What do you think the future of coaching looks like?

The market is filled with many who call themselves ‘coaches’ but are untrained. I believe with the rise of credentialing; the world of coaching will become attractive to organizations and individuals who are credentialed and stick to ethical standards of the ICF. Accountability will be the gold standard for success.

With the influx of the pandemic changes, I was already coaching individuals for years across borders, but the pandemic made the process official. Individuals liked the flexibility of being able to meet virtually on zoom at times convenient to them.

Social Media: Here’s How I Use Strategically…

Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.”

Seth Godin

Want time to fly? Start scrolling. Want to develop skills? Grow professionally? Network? Search for answers, trends? Get Social. It is the answer for most things. But be intentional. Here I share how I use the different medium


LinkedIn is used for Professional connection. To learn and grow personally and to keep in touch with professional association networking opportunities. As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), ICF South Florida, HHRABC Hospitality Association, Florida Writers Association (FWA), this platform keeps connections updated on industry happenings.


Instagram I use to motivate, and inspire. On a daily basis i share inspirational quotes to encourage those seeking purpose, driving confidence and encourage followers to grow and develop and to never give up on their goals. It’s also used for entertainment as I love all things dance. I also support other writer who post book events and happenings there.


Facebook began as a place to keep in touch with friends far and wide. Birthdays, anniversaries, and all things celebration reside there.

TikTok, Twitter

Two different platforms. I post on Twitter through my blog but don’t reside there. When I want a laugh, I head over to TikTok or sometimes for book Toc ideas to boost my book marketing and writing prowess.

Essentially social media provides that online networking opportunity for all things virtual. It’s a necessary tool provided it’s used sparingly. Want time to fly? Just start scrolling and before you know, an hour or two passes by in a flash.

I am Curious…. On which platform do you visit the most and what is your purpose for using it? Do share, we would love to hear.


JWOF Conference Nuggets…

JWOF Conference Nuggets gleaned from its stellar Panel of diverse leaders, all movers and shakers

✅Create a conscious culture
✅Move with purpose and intention
✅Believe in yourself
✅Think about the vision of founders
✅Embrace power and maturity
✅Trust God and have confidence in ourselves
✅Know When it’s okay to step away and when to Fall in line to go forward
✅Limitations are set through fear … it’s a hurdle to get over …
✅Think of an asset mindset as opposed to a deficit mindset

It was great to hear the challenges overcome by these successful women. The path is always clear if only we keep our eyes open to his will and leading. The Journey of the Speaker Monique and Panelists is a testament of resilience and obedience. Keep going. Keep growing.

2023 South Florida Writers Of Color Online Literary Magazine

A collection of poems, writings and gleanings from South Florida Writers of Color.

By Dr. Ralph Hogges  

We Are The Others

By Dr. Ralph Hogges

Not only are the Powerful controlling and dictating the

Denials and Rejections of our quest for Freedom and Justice,

But are also adamantly opposed to Diversity, Unity, Inclusion and Equality.

Now is the Time.

This is our Moment,

For us, United, Organized, Energized and Mobilized,

To Confront and Defeat

Those who use their Power to Control and Dictate our Lives.

Let us remember the Biblical moment in the Bible wherein David stepped up and challenged the seemingly all powerful and invincible Philistine giant Goliath. There were those present who teased David and underestimated his courage and ability to defeat this giant that they all feared.

David was not a soldier.

He had no training in military weaponry.

He was not a boxer or wrestler.

He had neither a gun nor a sword.

He had only a sling and 5 stones.

Goliath had his armor and javelin.

As the battle of David and Goliath began,

David stepped up with Faith in the Power of God, and with a stone in his sling, he hurled it mightily to the center of Goliath’s head. Goliath fell to the ground, dead.

The Last Time I Cried

By Dr. Susan Lycett Davis

The last time I cried

It wasn’t this painful at all

The last time I cried

I sure wasn’t left folded in a ball!

But… Today I cried and it penetrated my soul

As the knee infiltrated the throat in the Fol’

… cause I mustered the courage to watch the tape

All sense of wonder and disbelief left me agape.

The thoughts that went through my head, where not Christian at all

So I feel for the masses who have no hope on which to fall.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord

But Father… I question real hard!

What about humanity, liberty and justice for all

Why are my black brothers taking he fall

People are people, good, bad or indifferent indeed

All genders, all colors, we are all from one ‘seed.’

Today I cried… no, I bawled for George Floyd,

And the ‘81 Black Men And Boys Killed By Police’, Lord!

For Trayvon, Ahmaud and others killed by racists beasts

For mother’s whose heart strings are torn in disbelief!

Black lives matter, All Lives matter

The pain is making me tatter.

Lord I know you are here… so hear my shout!


The last time I cried

It wasn’t this painful at all

I’m trusting you Lord to bring vengeance fi true

‘Cause Comeuppance is well overdue!

21 Solo Travel Learnings …

Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all beliefs.

Amin Maalouf

With just a carry-on, I felt led to travel solo to a faraway land. Was it nerve racking? Kinda. I travelled without fear, more intrigued by curiosity while discovering the unknown. Most of all my learnings forced me into a new realm bursting forth with a new sense of unhurried flair.

Here I share a few of learnings:

  1. Learned self-confidence. To be confident in who I am and who I want to be.
  2. I learned to accept differences in cultures
  3. I learned to accept the uniqueness of different lifestyles
  4. I learned to say YES to myself, to what I want and to say No to the desires that others want for me.
  5. I learned to hold firmly to my belief to never give up.
  6. I learned to grow up and out to spread my wings.
  7. I learned to try things that force me out of my comfort zone.
  8. I learned to take rests.
  9. I learned to take risks and not be afraid or most importantly, to take the risk even when I am afraid, despite my fear
  10. I learned that education is critical to success but also to have a life.
  11. I learned to be me.
  12. I learned to not be of afraid to be me – to speak the way I want to speak.
  13. I learned to write to help others through coaching.
  14. I learned to express myself in writing to help others develop and maximize their potential.
  15. I learned to laugh.
  16. I learned to accept life’s simple things.
  17. I learned to love dogs and animals.
  18. I learned to accept help from others despite my independence.
  19. I learned to accept love from others
  20. I learned to accept what success means to me and not what others expectations are for me.
  21. I learned to challenge myself to step out into the unknown.

I am still learning, but I am okay.

What’s Stopping You?

Success Strategies

 What’s stopping you? 

That was the question asked. It’s fitting for those who are stuck. Those who have dreams, goals, and aspirations yet like a Nested   Sludge, do nothing to progress towards achieving them.

Why do we hesitate? Why don’t we step out and do what needs to be done? What holds us back?

Here I share some of the responses from individuals to the question posed.

  • Fear …period
  • Confidence
  • Not believing in myself
  • Laziness
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of the What if’s
  • Judgment of others
  • Not knowing where to start and not having the means
  • Lack of money
  • Fear of failure and having possible regrets
  • Selecting career
  • People
  • Being disappointed
  • Possible rejection
  • Procrastination
  • Platform
  • Capital
  • Double faced people
  • Lack of confidence and confused
  • Discipline
  • Pain and fear
  • Losing people who I love
  • Interacting with people
  • Daily conflicts with people but they are not stopping me just standing…

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3 Ways To Network With A Purpose…

It’s the people we hardly know, and not our closest friends, who will improve our lives most dramactically.

Meg Jay

Stimulating interview with Executive Coach, Founder and CEO of Soft Skills Services, Maxine Barnett. In it she shares successive nuggets on effective networking for new entrepreneurs and professional desiring to build their personal growth.

Strategies For Effective Networking

Here are three strategies:

  1. Be prepared to meet 2-3 persons while attending the event.
  2. Make a connection. Introduce yourself using your elevator speech and be present during your conversation.
  3. Follow-up within 2-3 after the event to remain top of mind with your new strategic connection.

Networking is a soft skill–a people skill needed for business and people purposes. It is useful for purposeful growth. Be intentional about it. View the full conversation here.

What are your thoughts on networking? Do share, we would love to hear.


7 Things To Do When Stuck…

Success Strategies

You know those things you have always wanted to do, you should go do them.

What is it that thing you have always wanted to do? Change job? Start a family? Enroll on that degree? Learn a new skill? Take that vacation?

Life gets hard at times. Chances are with everything happening around us at work, home, school, it can knock us off our feet. The result often is being stuck. Not moving. As in a state of shock, standing still. Below are 7 Things you can do when you are stuck.

  1. Do something! Step out! Complete that application! Try something new!
  2. Plan an escape rather than daydream about different scenarios. Go on a trip to relax and reboot your thoughts.
  3. Switch up your daily activities.
  4. Don’t envy and compare yourself to others.
  5. Do one positive thing for yourself today.
  6. If you want to change your life, Pray. Change your…

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George Washington University Globe Trotting Study Abroad Student Compares Experiences In China & Greece…

Engage in this stimulating conversation with George Washington University Student, Brianna Bougouneau as she shares her cross-cultural study abroad

Blessed are curious for they shall have adventures.

Lovelle Drachman

Engage in this stimulating conversation with George Washington University Student, Brianna Bougouneau as she shares her cross-cultural study abroad experiences in China, Taiwan, Greece and Europe. In her words, sometimes you have to be bold, patient, and manage your expectations in order to be successful.

Listen in as she explores her challenges and resilience. This video is another in the interview series where I explore Success as emerging leaders define it.

Studied abroad? What did you experience? Do share, we would love to hear.


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