To Fail Or Not To Fail? Entrepreneurs Speak…

Success Strategies

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. ~Og Madino

To fail or not to fail? That is the question. Fail Fast. How about don’t fail at all?  That was the statement James Altucher posed in a public forum. Entrepreneurs jumped in sharing their beliefs, values and thoughts on the concept of failure.  Names have been omitted as I share excerpts:

What It Means To Fail

  • A person who hasn’t failed is more likely to have never been successful
  • The message of “fail fast” is not to encourage failure. What it speaks to is moving action with ideas instead of analysis paralysis and never-ending planning. No amount of analysis and planning can prepare you for the reality of launching something. This is what “fail fast” means. It does not mean to emphasize failure. Build it (now). Measure it. Learn from it.
  • The wisdom in “failing fast”…

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7 thoughts on “To Fail Or Not To Fail? Entrepreneurs Speak…

  1. I have not heard of “fail fast”, but I do think if you are not moving you are sinking in business. I have been encouraged by your posts and I am looking at some books. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. The concept of failing fast really is about not be afraid to take risks to achieve your goal. Some procrastinate because of Fear that they’ will fail.

      But if you tried and failed, at least you tried. Then move on to something else. You’re sure to succeed somewhere along the line.

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