Fear of the Virtual interview? 13 Tips To Combat The Jitters…

A new graduate student decided to go after her dream job and contacted me for some tips. She had the jitters as is the norm for us all when we attend interviews. But virtual is the now driving phenomenon which many take for granted. No doubt they must be taken just as serious as in the common traditional in-person interviews. In a nutshell here are 13 brief tips shared:

Combat the Jitters!

  1. First combat the jitters. Face the fears. You do that by being prepared
  2. Review the job requirements. See how your experience and qualifications line up
  3. Dig deep into the company. What’s their mission? How does it align with your own goals? Or does it?
  4. The beauty about virtual interviews is that you can have a cheat sheet hidden close by. Capture your top strengths and more from your disguised cheat sheet on the desk near by but away from the camera’s eyes.
  5. Dress properly. Don’t wear a busy top or anything that detracts from you including earrings. The simpler, the better
  6. Confident dress and preparation boosts your confidence
  7. Prep yourself for the camera’s direct face visibility. Hair on point? No lipstick on teeth etc
  8. Prepare up to two Questions to ask the interviewer. This shows your interest in the company
  9. Sip a little water before the interview. Breathe. It helps you relax
  10. Find a quiet place to do the interview, free of noise or where a noise-reduction headset
  11. Make sure your background isn’t busy. Use an appropriate background or blank wall or arranged space. Clutter is distracting
  12. Wear that Smile
  13. Deep calm breaths and ace that interview!

Do the above help? Are you able to add more? Do share. We would love to hear!


Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels

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