God is Not Dead. No.

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God is not dead. No.
The TIMES headline posed the question;  Is God Dead? The response plain and simple as many have said …

No, God is not dead.

The 1966 survey  shared that at the time 97 percent of Americans believed in God. Today, based on Gallup’s 2014 research, 64 per cent of Americans believe in His existence. Hence, the almost comical phrase, the “rise of the nones”. This basically refers to the many who have spiritual beliefs but choose not to be affiliated with a religion.

That said, as the beauty of nature’s grass is green, God provides the free will to do whatever us humans want to do. It is left up to us to choose. With this free will, individuals make bad choices. Let’s consider convicted criminals. Give them the freedom to choose whether to stay locked up and imprisoned, or to roam the streets. Which do you think they would choose? One can bet that 9 out of 10 criminals would choose the latter. Society is then left to deal with the devastating consequences of mayhem in our society.

So back to the question, is God dead? My answer is No. What are your thoughts?

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