5 thoughts on “Writer’s Wisdom

  1. It is nice seeing Victor Hugo on there. I love his Les Miserables, which I was inspired to read after deeply falling in love with the musical. I first read the abridged Christmas of 2015. But just last summer, I decided to read the unabridged. In fact, I got more out of the unabridged compared to the abridged. That is because there was lot more detail and more insight into the spirituality of the story.

    That book actually makes the musical even more. Despite characterization differences, the musical still says faithful to the book. It keeps the same themes and follows the plot closely, even though plot differences were present. This book explains why the musical is as epic and powerful as it is. I used my strong knowledge of the musical to better understand the book. I marked up major character and wrote in names of songs. Being a Les Miserables fan can be quite challenging considering how heartbreaking the story is. But I learned to see the show through the light and by using that approach, I was able to get more out of the experience.

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    1. No mistake. The important thing is that you read it and have now inspired those who have not. Thanks again 🙂


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