Purpose. A Story: A Single Image

woman in woods pic

Years ago, in my graduate Health Administration class at the University of Florida, I was the only person of color. Then later at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, again I was the only person of color in my class in the field. Maybe naive but it seemed rather strange to me. But I persisted, and graduated. After spending years in medical practice management I look around and find myself in a strange situation. Though I’m qualified with experience the same situation haunts…a person of color who must work harder to prove that hey…, I can do the job.

The world can make us ponder the relevance of life…, of things that should be so straight forward, yet they defy the odds. We look out and there seems to be only dark woods. For those who are not strong enough, they give up. Some find rescue in the ditches. For those who are stronger, they hold onto a clutch until they can stand again.

Today be encouraged. Stand tall for the light will shine again. It is just around the corner. So keep your eyes open so you won’t miss it. Stay on purpose…, be strong. Don’t Give Up. Keep Going.

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