Out There Without Fear: Culture And Dance Anthropology …

Out there without fear

Joelle Powe

Culture. Dance. Dancehall Music

Culture. Dance. Dancehall music. The Study? How does that connect? Curious, I reached out to young 23-year-old filmmaker, Joelle Powe. She shared the intriguing story of her own curiosity that led to her Anthropological Journey through Culture and Dance. A journey of success which exposed her globally to becoming a documentarian. Even before then, she was recognized in Washington DC for her work done in the Caribbean and globally.

Listen to the interesting and delightful conversation. No doubt it will motivate and inspire you.

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24 Inspiring Success Quotes For New Entrepreneurs…

Success Strategies

As life evolves, keep up. ~Patricia Chin

I had the pleasure of sitting in on an intimate conversation with Reggae Music’s Matriarch Patricia Chin in an interview with G. Cole, as she celebrated 40 years of founding VP Records. She has promoted and released music for renowned artists the likes of Shaggy, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Beres Hammond, Taurus Riley, Romain Virgo, Etana, Elephant Man, Morgan Heritage, Lady Saw, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown and many more. Taking Reggae music from unknown to where it is today, she shared tips on how entrepreneurs and goal-seekers can achieve Success in today’s fast changing world. Here I share 24 of my personal faves:

24 Inspiring Tips For New Entrepreneurs

  1. As life evolves, keep up. There’s opportunity for everyone.
  2. Think outside the box – do what others aren’t doing
  3. Always think of new ideas
  4. Get into the full circle of business 
  5. Listen to…

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And Along Came Success…

Success Strategies


I pounced upon the study of Success by accident. I did so through pondering why some people succeed while others don’t. Then I took it a step further and delved deeper selecting it for my dissertation research on Successful leaders. My aim was to share it with those who seem to be living without hope.

That said, success is no Oversight. It is a result of hard work and dedication. Below I have selected 12 Quotes that provide some Exposure and motivation for those of us who dare to take the steps to succeed.

12 Success Quotes

1.Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what? Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful…

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Book It At Winterfest…

Car Show! Winter fest! Modern. Classic. Antique. Vintage. In the area? Join us for Family Fun at Keiser University, PSL December 4th.

Collect Stocking Stuffers and Snatch Holiday Book Gift Reads before you leave.


Pre-Planning Your Mistakes? 13 Ways To Get Out Of Your Head…

13 Ways To Get Out Of Your Head

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. ~Wayne Gretzky

I heard a TV host who was showing a young lady how to use a piece of equipment which she was actively trying to learn. She went into a what if scenario to which he retorted with the question… “are you pre-planning your mistakes?” She laughed.

It reminded me of how we often act. We think of everything that could go wrong instead of thinking of the things that could go right. What if I go after the entrepreneurship venture and fail? What if I apply to the job and they turn me down? What if I invest in the relationship and it doesn’t work out? What if scenarios play over and over in our head. It gets us nowhere. Get out of your head and take the bull by the horn (so to speak). Here’s a brief list of things you can do to get out of your head.

13 Things To Do To Get Out Of Your Head

  1. Breathe
  2. Pray. Meditate
  3. Exercise. Go for a walk/run
  4. Recite a Mantra. Motivational Quotes and Positive Affirmations work
  5. Recognize the signs of the negative and create an action plan to beat it
  6. Write it down. Get the negative thoughts out of of your head
  7. Focus on your end-goal
  8. Watch an inspiring movie. Laugh. Comedy puts you on your lighter side.
  9. Make a list of inspiring movies, songs, or anything that will help you beat the downward mood trend
  10. Talk it out. Have a trusted friend that you can share your thoughts and insecurities with.
  11. Have an accountability partner who will check in with you continuously about your goal
  12. Let go of negative people, environment or things. Anything that holds you back.
  13. Keep learning. Learn something new. It builds your confidence.

These are just a few of the things you can do when you start to question yourself. Remember life comes with its ups and downs. So it is important to take the time to grow in spite of the things that may try to pull you down. Keep yourself motivated to achieve.

How about you? What do you do to keep yourself motivated when the negative thoughts threaten? Do share. We would love to hear.


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Error In A Published Work? 3 Things To Do…

Finding A Book Error

Your book is published, yea!

It’s an outstanding achievement especially for a first time author. Be proud of yourself. But then patrons buy your book and later a reader finds an error or worse–two. It may be his/her interpretation but an error none-the-less. You feel sad. Down. Disappointed in yourself. How could that happen? But before you throw in the ‘author’ towel, here are 3 simple things to do.

Write Quality Books

Write quality books. I can’t stress that enough. Those of you who have worked with me know that is most important. It makes the difference in the success of your product. Quality means, professionally done book cover, formatting, editing and more

Edit. Edit. Edit Some More

Of prime importance is the editing. Nothing is more distasteful than a product that wherever you read, you find errors. That being said, in professionally published books… be it traditional or self-published, you may find errors. That’s the reason reviewing your work with an editor is so important. These days errors are found even in the media. But the great thing now with the media is that it’s mainly online in many cases. Often in their haste to get the news out, they falter. But with online, errors can easily be edited and republished fast. In a printed book, this can also be done so get in touch with your publisher for immediate correction. If self-published, correct the manuscript and republish.

There Will Always Be Haters

Accept the fact. Know that you will always have haters and especially in Poetry, it’s your interpretation, your craft. If the errors are not spelling, then some will still complain because you write as you ‘see’ things.

So in summary, keep your head up. Do something about the complaint. Validate it and if its a fact, correct it. Then move on to writing and publishing your next book. Remember, life is filled with ups and downs. But it’s what you do about it that counts.

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Note this discussion does not go in-depth into writing and correcting errors. It is written as a simple recommendation to uplift and rebuild the new author’s inner drive to continue his/her craft.

Dear Intern, It’s All Good…

Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new

Albert einstein

Twitter’s Tales Of Mistakes And Blunders

So many inventions have been made from the blunders and mistakes that we make. The post-it notes was a mistake on the part of 3M setting it aside because it didn’t work for their purpose. Then kudos to Fry who thought it a cool tool to mark his page hymns. It’s now a tool that writers, readers, researchers, teachers, corporate and a gazillion more can’t live without. Keep trying people. If you never made a mistake you really haven’t tried anything new.

Here are a few responses to the tweet. Stay encouraged.

Photo by Alex Green on Pexels.com

Fatherhood On Father’s Day…

How Do Dads Do Things Differently?

CNN Headline news posed the question to fathers. Tune into my Conversation with Senior IT Expert Daveyton Blake who is a Father, Coach and Community young adult Mentor. Dads of all kinds will be intrigued by the intense truths explored in this interview.

Listen in now and share with a dad this Father’s Day.


Self-Care: 9 Ways To Sharpen The Mental Blade…

Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.”

Stephen Covey

The concept to sharpen the saw highlights the point that when you have been going, going, and going …and you can’t seem to see any results. Acknowledge that it’s time to stop. It’s time to refresh. It’s time for a break to get the rest you need to start thinking so you can be productive again.

Here are a few suggestions that Brett and Kate McKay shared in their article on how you can fuel your brain’s recovery and sharpen the mental blade:

  1. Read the Great Books
  2. Write a position paper on a topic of your choosing
  3. Listen to a stimulating podcast
  4. Listen to a Great Courses course
  5. Take an online course
  6. Attend a lecture at a local college
  7. Join a discussion group (synergizing mental and social domains!)
  8. Visit a museum
  9. Watch a documentary

Did any of the above inspire you? Are there one or few that’s missing that works for you? Do share, we would love to hear.


10 Challenges Graduates Face And How To Overcome The Fear…

All you need to know is that it’s possible


I was asked to speak with students who were about to graduate and take the steps as they embark on their career. In my curiosity to find out how to deal with their needs, I followed up with the enquiry to ascertain the major challenges they face as I spoke on the topic of Burst The Fear. I took the opportunity to share my own personal journey in the hopes that the graduating class would gain some inspiration of my own fears and how I countered them. Sky Dive anyone?

Here I share the top 10 challenges as gleaned and brief insights on how students and graduates can address them.

1.Lack of Money For Tuition

Lack of money is a common concern for students and graduates who wish to pursue further studies. There are many opportunities to combat this hurdle in order to move ahead . 5 include:

  1. Applying for Scholarships
  2. Seek Grants
  3. Use Savings
  4. Apply for Federal loans
  5. Seek Private loans only as a last resort

2.Unavailable Jobs in Their Field

First of all, it is best to research the job market to ensure that you are investing the time and effort into a field that still exists. We are in an everchanging environment and some jobs have become obsolete. In other cases job titles have evolved over time. That said, ensure you look before you leap.

3.Income Levels not Enough to Meet Needs

One great thing that has happened in our changing environment is diversification. That said, job seekers can have a ‘day job’ while simultaneously working on their own to supplement their income. Hobbies anyone?

Separately, it is also very important that students live within their means. For example, if studying full-time, it makes no sense for students to sign up for off-campus housing if they are unable to afford the rent and associated bills. If studying part-time while living at home with parents, this makes things more affordable especially when studying remotely. Can’t afford something? Save towards it until you can have it or do without it until you can afford it. Again, it is very important to live within your means.

4.Uncertainty About What To Study

If you are not sure of what to study, do your research. Speak with your college Career Services. Do assessments. Make it important to check the market to understand what careers exist. Careers are everchanging and besides that you may not like the job if you tried it. So it is best to test the market. This can be done through signing up for:

  • Part-time jobs
  • Summer vacation jobs
  • Volunteering is an excellent way to get experience since employers do not have to worry about paying you. It’s unfortunate but it’s a real situation within the current economic climate

5.Inadequate Role Models To Emulate

It is always good to get a mentor in the area that you are interested in working. There are mentorship organizations that exist that will assist students in providing direction. In addition, your college Career Services has the necessary resources to assist your progress.

You may also find it useful to search for groups online that have discussions based on your area of interest. These exist for any employment or interest area that you can think of. All you need to do is search. Once you find the group you like, become engaged in garnering advice on the forum.

6.Eradicate The False Ideas Of Success

What is success? There are many false ideas of success that exist. Be careful what you follow. Overnight success is hard to reach and may not be lasting or it might be something conjured up by those who choose to defraud. Be very careful who you follow. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers shared stories of what seems like overnight success in high achievers which turned out to be more than 10K hours of practice over time.

Additionally, Success is not an accident. We must create it on purpose. My research on Success detailed in book Success Strategies share steps to success for those in need of guidance. Similarly, the book titled Ditch It shares the steps for those interested in switching their miserable job that they are engaged in or ditching it for entrepreneurship if they so desire. The book provides information based on research conducted with successful leaders as they shared the commonalities that drove them to achieve success as they defined it.

So be informed. Read. Gather information and Ditch the idea of leaping into ‘quick’ success.

7.Poor Attitude Towards Money

Spend wisely. As discussed in lack of money to invest in studies, be certain to live within your means. There will be times when you have to forego a desire/want in order to achieve your long-term goals. I cannot help but emphasize the quote, “if planning is important, execution is everything“.

8.Lack Of Self-Confidence. What Do Others Think?

Success must be created on purpose. It is in the very act of taking the necessary steps to build your success. Essentially, you take the steps to build your self-confidence. This means a sense of self-esteem and self-assurance when you believe that you can make a difference in the career path you take. To build your self-esteem you should:

  • Reflect. Look at what you have achieved
  • Set Goals
  • Create a plan to take the steps to achieving your goals
  • Consider your strengths. Write down what you are good at
  • Motivate yourself. Do this everyday especially when the going gets rough. That’s how you stay focused
  • Don’t give up
  • Forget what others think. Focus on you, where you want to go and how to get there.

9.Unaware Of How To Adapt to the Changing Environment

Change is constant. That is one thing we can be sure of. Nothing remains the same forever. Bust the Fear. In order to succeed we must create that resilience to adapt, learn and grow. One of my favorite sayings is to do it afraid. Things change and with that we become fearful. Here are 5 things you can do:

  1. Be flexible and adapt
  2. Try new things which will help boost your confidence and creativity
  3. Embrace Technology
  4. Seek guidance and support from others
  5. Build your skills and keep learning

10.Lack of Self-Awareness

Seek to understand yourself. What are your talents? What are you good at? Step forward, take the leap, and discover triumphs in your abilities that you never knew existed.

Motivate yourself. Motivation comes from within. The more you believe in yourself and your abilities the more you are able to accomplish. Learn how to exert control over your own motivation, behavior and your social environment.

Avoid negative people and situations. If your friends are not going in the same direction you are, find new friends. Those with whom you can strive to accomplish your best.

Binge-Watching For Personal Growth. 9 Must-See…

People are hungry for something Different

Miles Millar

Binge Watching is the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.


Patty’s text excitedly read “hey, I’m here binge watching your YouTube videos”. Hmmm an untapped medium, I thought about it and decided to share a few of the top videos. Below are 9 listed and shown below for your convenience. Go grab a snack and tune in. Build your personal growth as a writer, leader, new entrepreneur and more.

Happy watching!

  1. A Conversation With Reggae Music Matriarch Pat Chin On Overcoming Barriers As A Woman In Business
  2. 15 Leadership Traits
  3. Get Unstuck. A Literary Conversation with Lawyer Turned Author Meg Nocero
  4. Authors Of Color Books, Literary Hooks And Nooks
  5. LIVE Interview with Journalist Grace. How She took The Step From Career To Entrepreneur
  6. Simply The Best Or Naw: Signs A Business Needs to Change
  7. A Conversation With Entrepreneurial Investor David Mullings On How To Ditch Your Fear
  8. Success Defined by Millennials
  9. Success Defined

Enjoyed watching? Which one was your favorite? Do share. We would love to hear!


Photo by Alexander Suhorucov on Pexels.com


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