Time Out…


Peace, quiet, calm, serenity. That’s what weekends, holidays, vacations are for. To reboot, unwind, and get back in the game.

As workaholics, we don’t often do it. We feel it’s a Luxury  that we cannot afford. Still, we spend time wishing, hoping, even complaining at times. But we can do anything that we put our minds to.  And …relaxing is one of the most important things to do.

So plan a getaway! Or a Staycation! It will work wonders for your mind, your work, your business, career, and your life.


5 thoughts on “Time Out…

  1. I like that you said that we can do anything that we put our mind to, but for a long time (maybe still) I never knew what that entailed. I thought maybe a few hours of effort was enough each day. Then, I learned it wasn’t. I increased my effort, and it still wasn’t enough. I practiced a skill 8 yrs and I practiced another for about 12 years and I still ended up giving up on both of those activities before meeting my original goals. Now, I think I can understand what it means in terms of what one of my friends shared (he said he heard it from one of his mentors). He said something like, “When you’ve set out to achieve your goals, it’s like you’ve put your hand on the stove. You can’t take your hand off the stove when you feel it burning. It won’t settle the pain. You have to hold your hand on the stove to achieve your goals.”

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    1. My first reaction is noooo to keeping our hands on the stove. Though a burning example, it’s true. When we put our minds to achieve something …whatever that goal is, we make a commitment. We can’t be at all silly but we can stick to the process, re-route if needed, but stay the course. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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