4 Barriers To Change…

We don’t know what lies ahead and that causes fear, apprehension and dissent

Change. It hurts.

Change hurts and that’s the reason so many hate it. Some change is good. Some bad.  The news report of the Boston Marathon bombing was just terribly awful news. It caused pain, anarchy, sadness and fear. It changed lives in many, many ways. The scars are borne by those who were present, and those miles away at a distance.

Arising from that terrible tragedy where people died, hundreds were injured and some maimed, there were good news. Some of which included the resilience of many survivors, inspirational stories, and more. However, two stories stand out. One pertains to the return of dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis who recently returned to the stage on prosthetic leg. The other illuminates Roseann Sdoia now engaged to wed the fireman who saved her. Certainly stories of love’s triumph over tragedy or dare I say in spite of.

So how do we get the courage to face the ugly face of change when it hits like a ton of bricks right in the face? How do we get the strength to go on…to fight…to survive? Here are some barriers that impede our desire to change.

4 Barriers to Change

1.Fear of the Unknown. We don’t know what lies ahead and that causes fear, apprehension and dissent that sometimes retards our ability to move ahead or even causes us to get stuck.

  • Solution:  Face your fear. Make the move. Act in spite of fear.

2.Power Struggle. Power especially in organizations or personal relationships creates struggles that ignites disharmony because of threats and resistance. Some people can be physically intimidating, highly vocal or difficult to deal with. This can be because of their position as in management, stature as in a bully, or financial acumen as in being the main bread-winner in a family.

  • Solution: Understand position whether it’s in the organization or in relationship. Understand each individual’s place in the situation. All are important.

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3.Communication. Lack of communication or trust. Communicating disrespectfully creates barriers.

  • Solution: Be open. Encourage open respectful discussion. Share what’s happening on both sides and most important…listen. This will help with breaking the barriers to communication and build trust.

4.Trust.  Why Change? What is the rationale? Why is it necessary? Do you stay in the situation? Will fighting and resisting help?  In most instances not at all.

  • Solution. Stop fighting. Face the situation. Try to understand what is happening around you and try to do something about it. If it is something that you can help, then do it. If not, find someone more experienced that can help you with the change as in the case of unexpected job loss, change in business, finances, or relationship.

It’s a Process 

Recognize that change is a process. It takes time. But with effort, determination and the desire to overcome, you can do it. So be bold. Remain steadfast. Thrive and you will survive the wind of change in time.

Author: Dr. Shelly C

Dr. Shelly Cameron is Founder of the Global Coaching Corner. She is an Author, Speaker, and Certified Master Coach. She has researched the topic of Success and written 9 books on Success, Leadership, Career, inspiration and motivation. Her research on the Leadership Challenge was published in the Journal of American Academy of Business Cambridge (JAABC). She now uses the results of her research to connect others to Success. Visit www.shellycameron.com and Get a copy of her Books online at Amazon or in-store Barnes & Noble. When not writing Shelly enjoys wave-watching, movies, reading, and spending time with family.

8 thoughts on “4 Barriers To Change…”

    1. Yes. I think that’s true for so many of us. We’re afraid. But my mantra – do it even when afraid. Cheers! 👍


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