How to Improve Your Writing Today…

Write something everyday and you’ll get done. That’s one of the most important advice I received and adopted while doing my dissertation.

It worked

It worked! I wrote everyday and before long I had finished my research; published a peer reviewed journal article on the Leadership Challenge; published 2 books on Success Strategies; and am onto my 3rd inspirational book titled GreenLight. Woohoo!  Writing (though a rough Uneven and bumpy road), doesn’t have to be complicated. It is a muscle that if used improves. Write here. Write now. Just write. Edit later.

Jessica Stillman wrote  How to Radically Improve Your Writing in Under 2 Minutes In summary she recommended:

  • Delete the word “that; which we often use but is unnecessary.
  • Delete the words “I think“. Doing so strengthens your sentences.
  • Avoid words ending in “ing.
  • Write short sentences. Short paragraphs. Keep paragraphs to less than three sentences. Yea I know’ that‘s hard for some (here goes ‘that’ word again).
  • Shrink your opening sentence.

I intend to follow her advice and I hope you do too. So adopt 1, 2, or a few… and improve your writing today.


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