What’s That One Thing That You Are Afraid Of?

Fear isn’t real. It’s something we tell ourselves.

Will Smith

A writer asked a group the Question what is the one thing that you are afraid of. Fear often grips us whether real or imagined. My interest sparked, I peered into the responses of those who were quick to chime in. Here I share:

Just simply taking a quick glance at the responses, most are not real. They are in our imagination and stays there for a while. Personally, I was afraid to jump out of a plane. I did a tandem jump and faced my fear. Many fear things like job loss, health, and loss of loved ones. But today, if there is something you fear as we start a new year, face it and move beyond your fear. Remember, fear isn’t real. It is something we tell ourselves.

  • Thinking that there is something waiting for me on the other side of the shower
  • Walking up the basement stairs at night
  • Ending up alone
  • The fear of my husband dying from an epileptic seizure due to low blood sugar
  • Unexpected knock at the door and the person stands in an area where I can’t see them
  • If I fall sick and no one knows
  • The concept of eternity scares me. Living forever
  • I am terrified of plugs being left on when there’s no plug in there. I am convinced it will cause a fire.
  • I’m afraid I’m going to wake up one day and it turns out I never let my ex
  • That I will be popular and people will be bugging me all the time
  • Being held down, weight on me and not being able to breathe as in swimming under water
  • I have an irrational fear that I rub my eye I will accidentally slop and gouge out my own eye
  • Dying alone in my home of a heart attack or something and having no one realize it for weeks
  • Someone staring back at you
  • Public speaking
  • A deer will run out in front of my car during a late night drive in the country
  • Chicken bone being lodged in my throat
  • Waking up in a house fire
  • Ceiling fans that one is going to get lose and fall on me
  • A plane falling out of the sky and crushing me
  • Falling off a cliff
  • A plane crash
  • Fear of Success


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