Job Hop? Nothing Lasts Forever…

The bad news is nothing lasts forever,
The good news is nothing lasts forever. – J. Cole

Many were accustomed to working with the same company for 20-30 years. But the average life span of employment with the same company these days is 3-4 years. Big challenge for employers, but seen as career advancement for Generations Y and Z.

So as an HR Consultant, I challenge you to start looking at your knowledge, skills, and abilities. It’s important to see which of your knowledge is transferable. Look at different industries to find out where you can fit in. Life changes. It’s important that you change with it. Consider Setting Goals. Remember, to stand still is to be left behind. Waiting on termination $$$? Good idea. But if you Continue, are you sure that you will get it?

A company I consulted with sold its ownership to another company with less than a week’s notice to employees. They were transferred to a new entity without warning; without being asked if they wanted to or not. If they didn’t want to be transferred they would need to resign but with how much payment, and time to start a search?

So I encourage if you’re a mid-senior career professional it’s Critical to start thinking now about the next step in your career. Don’t leave you life to others.


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