Be You…

It’s gonna be great! Excitedly he posted it on social media. Tentatively he waited, and waited, and waited. Hours later, no likes. Not a single one. Didn’t they understand why he posted it? Didn’t they get the picture? Angrily he tossed his phone…walked away, depressed.

How many of us are like that? We take vacations. Go to exquisite restaurants. Attend envious events. Then we share, share and share alike to show the world that “hey I’m worthy! You should love me! I’m important. Recognize this and give me the value I deserve! Like-my-stuff!!”

Living For What Others Value

Our society is in a bad state. So many are like that. We live for the value others place on us. We search for jobs, and work in careers that are attractive to others, yet we hate. We engage in relationships so others can envy us, yet we are miserable.

What we forget is that somehow society’s values have deteriorated. It’s common to see dirty news in the media just before an album, or movie is released. Infidelity sells.

Indeed sad.

Today I encourage you to be you. No one else is like you. Find the value in yourself. Do the things that bring you satisfaction. Don’t do it because you want to be recognized by others…be it family, friend, or foe.

Get out of your comfort zone. Do you. For sure, you’ll have no regrets.

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