Remote Work. Which Affects You The Most?

Remote Work comes with gains, benefits and challenges. Which affects you the most?

  • Collaboration and communication
  • Being in a different time zone
  • Loneliness
  • Distractions at home
  • Staying motivated
  • Vacation time
  • Reliable WiFi
  • Not being able to unplug

Do share. We would love to hear.


2 thoughts on “Remote Work. Which Affects You The Most?

  1. Home distractions. I have an infant, his father is a stay at home parent. For reference, my maternity leave ended 02/17/2020, this is my second child and I thought it would be easier than with me first. Quite the opposite. I know exactly what I stand to miss out on this go round I suppose.

    So February 17th I go back to work and I cry pretty much every day for a week or two. Things to start to even out, BAM now I’m home again but not home because I’m working.

    As a mom, I’m really not built to ignore the cry of any baby, much less my own. I would sleep better if I was. But that’s what I’m expected to do. His dad does a wonderful job, but that internal near animal instinct gives zero flips about whether or not his dad has it handled.

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    1. So understand. Distractions come in all shapes and forms… even to those we love and care for 😊
      Blessings on your new bundle of joy. Distractions will integrate into our normal lives if only we all can wait.

      Thanks for stopping by. Cheers


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