3 Lessons Learnt When You Connect The Dots

After going through a stressful period in his life, Steve Jobs looked back and connected the dots. In his now famous commencement speech to the graduating class at Stanford University, he shared his experience when he accepted that the dots were Symptoms of good things that had happened along the way, and symptoms of great things to come in the future. Hardly anyone can disagree with the impact that the iphone has had worldwide. That said, the bad things propelled him to higher heights.

Today, if you are feeling the need for Acceptance after reflecting on what seems like your Minimal steps to progress, take heart. Boost your motivation and be inspired with these 3 lessons learnt as extracted from Minda Zetlin:

  1. Follow Your Heart and trust that it knows where it’s going
  2. The worst thing that could happen might turn out to be the best thing that could happen
  3. Don’t let anything drown out your inner voice




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