Promote Yourself! 13 Ways To Do it…

Company won’t promote you? Get out of the shadows! Promote yourself! You’ve been toiling at your job for many years. Your reviews have been excellent! Your managers sing your praises! They value you!

But None of that can free your mind. You still haven’t received that promotion. Don’t be alarmed. Many times this has nothing to do with you. Often your Manager values your input so much that they don’t want to lose you. So they smother you with challenging tasks, praises, and more but fail to allow you to move.

It’s Time! Break that Barrier!

Show them what you’re made of. Take Control. Stop being taken advantage of.  Bruce Kasanoff tells all. Here are 13 ways for ambitious careerists and new entrepreneurs:

13 Ways to Promote Yourself

  1. Self promote – offer to do work that shows your knowledge throughout/across the wider business
  2. Help others as you promote yourself.
  3. Speak with energy. Show your passion.
  4. Serve, don’t sell. Your action says it all.
  5. Become a reliable source of good information
  6. Don’t be shy! Share your achievements.
  7. Spend time with people of like mind. For example, if you are ambitious …spend time with ambitious people.
  8. Seek new and valuable experiences.
  9. Never stop learning.
  10. Never stop growing.
  11. Exceed Promises.
  12. Get in front of people. Don’t hide behind emails or phone.
  13. Be persistent. Aim High. Eventually, you will achieve.


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