Need Extra Income? Here Are 20 Ways…

In a recent trip to New Orleans at a book event, I had to travel around but did not need a car because I stayed close to the business district. Nonetheless, there were times I had to commute. I decided to call Uber and discovered it was very common to find professionals using their cars to earn a few extra dollars before, or after work. One mother Casually explained that her daughter wished to go on a dance tour and she needed the extra dollars! So there she was…using her car to bring in the dough!

Even more, the Symphony of the holidays is fast approaching! And if you’re like me, you’d like to participate in the Yuletide season giving gifts, attending office parties, and entertaining family, and friends.

Can’t be bothered with the fuss of the holidays? There might be other goals you’re trying to achieve such as that dream vacation, saving for your first place, tying the knot, getting out of credit card debt, or should I say that infamous student loan! All these examples I’m sure some extra cash won’t hurt!

20 Ways To Earn Extra Income

Here are 20 ways that I’ve pulled together to help you kick-start this extra income drive.

  1. Ask for a raise (tricky…I’ll explain in a separate post).
  2. Get a new job.
  3. People person? Try Customer Service …check Flex jobs
  4. Great organizer? Try being a Virtual Assistant. Search virtual assistant
  5. Love pets? Pet sitter is a common phenomenon these days.
  6. Writer? Try freelancing. Check out Skyword.
  7. Get rid of junk! Rather than paying storage, sell old items on ebay, or Letgo
  8. Good with designing websites? Try building and designing  website online. Widen your expanse.
  9.  Love taking pics? Sell photos online at Foap.  High demand these days from bloggers, writers, content creators, and more!
  10. Reduce expenses. Can’t ignore this!
  11. Stay healthy and get paid for it! Start an exercise boot camp!
  12. Bartending or Wait tables! Patrons of hotels and restaurants pay extra bucks for this!
  13. Sell your services online through Fiverr.
  14. Excellent cook? Sell your baked products to birthday parties, meetings, and more!
  15. Love kids? Baby Sit!
  16. Live near a college? Try Tutoring.
  17. Play music? Offer to play at Church or at Weddings!
  18. Teach English to Adults. Contact schools or colleges.
  19. Have an extra room? Rent it out.
  20. And like we started out, use your car to earn extra bucks. Try Uber!

If you can’t be bothered with working 2 jobs but need to step up your Career Game and make a change, let’s Partner.  Connect with me and I’ll show you how.


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