Writers Writing Place. Indoors Or Out? 17 Confess…

Write. Just Write. 

Are you most comfortable when you write at home in private or out at a local coffee shop? That was the question asked in a public writers’ forum. Curious, I dived in to hear what other writers had to say. Here I share response from writers who feverishly chimed in.

  1. I write anywhere as long as the place is quiet and/or nature is all around
  2. At home, but if the inspiration comes anywhere else I will scratch down the basic idea and pursue it later
  3. Home
  4. I write only at home but read everywhere
  5. I used to think I needed to be some place else in order to truly write but during quarantine, I have learned that I can write at home and be extremely productive
  6. Anywhere so long as I get the inspiration to write
  7. If I am alone then at home. But I’ve also found being out at the bookstore made it almost easier to write and finish a scene
  8. Usually at a coffee shop. I can focus
  9. Both. I write differently given the location
  10. Driving at night when I am alone, I tend to talk to myself and come up with some good details. I record them with an audio file on my phone and plan on some day to get them all typed up so I can put them together
  11. I write in the privacy of a spare room
  12. Either, as long as its not too noisy
  13. Home, unless I am at the library
  14. In Public
  15. A mix. I do miss the neighborhood coffee shops during this quarantine
  16. I like to write at home. I sit at my computer with some thunderstorms on YouTube in my headphone and type away
  17. Anywhere

What’s your preference? Do share. We would love to hear.



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