The Balancing Act To Remain Organized. 7 Ways To Help…

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

Benjamin Franklin

Being organized is a strength. But these days I must confess that it has been a challenge. A balancing act due to the thousands of distractions around me. From the productive use of social media for building and learning, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn snatches your time. The effects on our personal and professional lives is indeed a balancing act. How can we get back to doing what’s important each day? How can we figure out what’s missing? Procrastination anyone? Here are 7 ways:

7 Ways To Get Organized

  1. Write. Write. Write everything down
  2. Prioritize. Focus on what’s important
  3. Get it done
  4. Create a schedule using electronic notes or physical notepads. My preference is a combination of both. To remember deadlines, meetings, social events, birthdays e-calendar works. A passing thought? I use notes on my phone or a physical notepad always near on my desk or nightstand
  5. Focus. Do one thing at a time
  6. Say no. Learn it. Let it sink in. Do it.
  7. Know someone who is better at something than you are? Delegate.

There are more ways but this is a start. Any of your favs missing? Do share, we would love to hear!


Author: Dr. Shelly C

Dr. Shelly Cameron is Founder of the Global Coaching Corner. She is an Author, Speaker, and Certified Master Coach. She has researched the topic of Success and written 9 books on Success, Leadership, Career, inspiration and motivation. Her research on the Leadership Challenge was published in the Journal of American Academy of Business Cambridge (JAABC). She now uses the results of her research to connect others to Success. Visit and Get a copy of her Books online at Amazon or in-store Barnes & Noble. When not writing Shelly enjoys wave-watching, movies, reading, and spending time with family.

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