What is Your Biggest Fear?

I love nature and always choose to live near a lake, pond or stream. What comes with that is nature’s creatures like squirrels, ducks, and my worst fear –lizards! My fear of them makes me search to find them before they sneak upon me. My imagination runs wild as I think of their creepy, crawley features that makes me real scared. Mind you, it has not happened but my fear, like Cusps, makes it real to me…yikes!

Aren’t we all afraid of something? We sure are. But what is fear? Why are we afraid?

FEAR is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

What is Your Biggest Fear as an Entrepreneur?

Daymond John asked the question of entrepreneurs “What is your biggest fear?” The answers varied but most common were:

  • Getting taken advantage of by investors
  • Going bankrupt
  • Failing
  • Not getting a second chance
  • Not being able to make ends meet
  • Not making back the money put in
  • Going out of business

Let’s face it…bad things happen. People disappoint. Businesses fail. But what is worse is if we never try at all. Many are the reports of individuals who attained success during the short term (as in technology), or over the long term.

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Whatever you do, take a chance. Go for it! Chase your dreams, goals, and aspirations even when you’re afraid….you never know.


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