New Author? 37 Book Signing Tips…


Writing is its own reward. – Henry Miller

Ever thought of writing your own story? Publishing your own book? Consider the 9 Steps to Writing Your First Book. A new author asked the question ….”I am having my first book signing, what should I do? Are there any tips or suggestions?” Experienced authors chimed in with several pointers that vociferously Churn. Here are excerpts:

Book Signing Tips

  1. Have fun
  2. Host it at a Bookstores or Restaurant
  3. Do a drawing for a special prize
  4. Promote on social media
  5. Text friends
  6. Decide on a default wording to sign books
  7. Show your enthusiasm to your guests
  8. Bring extra books and pens
  9. Don’t expect to sell a lot of books and you won’t be disappointed. It’s all about networking
  10. Bring a snack for yourself if you are not providing refreshments
  11. Bring candy/chocolates for attendees
  12. Have swag (bookmarks etc)
  13. Have Business cards with your amazon author page printed on it
  14. On the back of business cards say something like “book reviews are appreciated”
  15. Communicate with local TV & Radio stations via their FB page
  16. Be ready to answer questions about your book or any future books you’re creating
  17. Advertise in the community and give a discount during book signing
  18. talk with attendees and share your manuscript journey
  19. Get a friend to help with financial transaction
  20. Have a Tablecloth
  21. Ask people to send a FB Friend request which grows your followers
  22. Practice how you will sign the books
  23. Give a bookmark/ postcards with amazon book location for future purchases
  24. Take index cards and ask them to write their names on it. Avoids spelling errors in name endorsements
  25. Prepare what to Read for Reading Presentation
  26. Bring chip for Payment
  27. Have a large picture of the book cover and you on the table
  28. Include Book stands and racks for easy display and reading
  29. Invite a lot of people, don’t let them feel Betrayed
  30. Craft a signature for signing your books. Separate from your regular check signing signature
  31. Sign on the title page
  32. Take pictures with admirers
  33. Bring Cash to make change
  34. Don’t forget to get emails to build your list
  35. Arrive early for set up
  36. Relax and have fun!

Hope this helps.


Author: Dr. Shelly C

Dr. Shelly Cameron is Founder of the Global Coaching Corner. She is an Author, Speaker, and Certified Master Coach. She has researched the topic of Success and written 9 books on Success, Leadership, Career, inspiration and motivation. Her research on the Leadership Challenge was published in the Journal of American Academy of Business Cambridge (JAABC). She now uses the results of her research to connect others to Success. Visit and Get a copy of her Books online at Amazon or in-store Barnes & Noble. When not writing Shelly enjoys wave-watching, movies, reading, and spending time with family.

4 thoughts on “New Author? 37 Book Signing Tips…”

  1. Thanks for the information. I have just published my first novel, OUTSIDER COPS – The Caribbean Case. I have 59 orders from friends and relatives. Public marketing starts mid June so your ideas will help a lot. Many buyers at Amazon already.

    Liked by 1 person

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