Your Fears are Real. 3 Things To Do About It…

Your fears are real! Let no one tell you otherwise.

If ever there was a time that most people are afraid it is now. The worldwide Pandemic has put most countries under lock-down. Stay-at-Home. Keep safe is the cry from most. Yes indeed, the world is afraid. Job loss is rampant. The loss of loved ones, be it family or friends. The future. Our goals, plans, ideals. All seems to be going up in the air.

Yet still I dear say that all is not lost. While there is life there is hope. Yes…Fear is real.  But here are 3 things that you can do about it.

3 Things To Do About Your Fear

1. Don’t Avoid it. Do it in-spite of your fear. Whatever your goal, go after it.

2. Prepare. Research. Gather information. Find out what you can do to alleviate your fear. For example once I was inspired to do a skydive (crazy adventurous me). Naturally I was afraid. Jumping 14,000 ft high from a small craft in the air is no easy task, but I worked on my fear. I researched. Found the best skydiving school with zero failures (eyes rolled …ha ha). Then I did other things but the fear rose to greater heights when they had you sign a gazillion release documents before they moved on to the exciting part…the actual jump! It was exhilarating! I did my research and it put my mind at ease. Try it and watch your fears dissipate.

3. Take Small Steps. As you embrace your fear, take it a step at a time. For sure you will overcome as you release it.

When were you afraid? What did you do about it? Do share, we would love to hear.


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