Strengthen The Writer In You…


Strengthen the writer in you.

Xavier shouted “I’m starting to get lucky dad”. His father replied “no, you’re learning son”. Isn’t that the same with us? Like a child, we often think that we are getting lucky when it’s really our trial and error when climbing the ladder to our goals that makes us ‘lucky’.

Write. The Journey. The Learning

We improve our best efforts over time. It’s in no way luck. Try, try, and try again. In so doing we make marked improvements …often without even realizing. Let’s take for example a writer.

At first we find ourselves with writers block, sometimes caused by doubting whether we can get to the finish line. We ponder questions such as will I ever finish the blog? That book? How can I write a book when I cannot even write a page? We don’t realize that we get to the end result by first writing a sentence. Then a paragraph. Then 2 or 3 paragraphs until we get to a page. Before we know it, we have written a chapter. Then another, and another, until the book is complete.

Our writing craft improves as we progress. In time our muscles strengthen and before long we get compliments from others about our writing.

Stress is an Enabler

So all in all, we strengthen our best efforts over time. Acknowledge that stress is in fact an enabler. But know that the stress is lessened over time as we get constant practice. Then our confidence rises and we can confidently acknowledge that we are starting to get ‘lucky‘.

Happy Writing!




3 thoughts on “Strengthen The Writer In You…

  1. hope you are great writer. it had helped me to the next step. thank you so much dr.shelly. so nice of be follow me. which make me to connect with you.felt happy to read this . with regards , sarcastic bella(miss. little).

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