That Goal…Clutch It Up

My mom clutched it up! That’s what Jakob shouted when the news came of the neighbor’s new born baby on Christmas Day. To 10-year old Jakob, his goal is not to get just one gift at Christmas for birthday and Christmas. He wanted separated gifts. So he cheered his mom for clutching him up and giving birth early January.

Microwave Society

Caused me to reflect on our goals. Sometimes we give birth to our goals prematurely and it doesn’t last. Our microwave society want degrees in weeks. Marriage before couples meet. We have become so hastened that we find it hard to wait on the 30 second microwave heat. Yep. We have become an impatient society.

The Race Is Not For The Swift

But remember, the race is not for the swift. The race is for the steady. For those who are consistent in what they do. We are not talking about procrastinators. We are talking about consistent effort. Consider marathon runners and athletes, They work hard consistently and in the long run become winners. So let’s be patient and clutch up those goals. We too will achieve and experience success that lasts.


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