21 Authors Share How Their Writing Journey Began…

Writers Write. Readers Read. Together they are one

I am always intrigued by stories, especially those told by others about new beginnings. Here I share as writers told how they writing journey was inspired.

  1. I wrote to escape the loneliness of my husband who had to work away from home as we transitioned to the cold north.
  2. When I moved away from my childhood friends
  3. My short essays and fiction have all been written from my life.
  4. It must have been engrained in my blood
  5. A nosey irritating neighbor who believed I needed company
  6. Daydreaming during a long commute that had dialogue and scenes that demanded to be written down
  7. 26 months solitary confinement with short stories from my childhood as a start
  8. A terribly boring book I read to my son at age 6. I knew I could do better
  9. God gave me the desire to write
  10. The pandemic and Quarantine made me take the plunge
  11. A dare from a neighbor
  12. Getting into trouble for talking in the study hall and being assigned to write a 500 word theme to write on anything I wanted as punishment. Next day I turned in a 13 page short story.
  13. My first novel resulted from an ugly divorce
  14. The loss of my beautiful baby boys.
  15. The ideas and content come to me in dreams. I have to just put them in order.
  16. Car accident that left me disabled for a while
  17. A dream and three nouns
  18. My right (creative) side of the brain dying a slow death in a left side dominant (rational) job
  19. My imagination
  20. Sitting in the airport for a 2-hour-layover, waiting on a flight to hunt with my kids. The rest is history
  21. Nature walk with just me and headphones

Interesting new beginnings! How about you? Do share how your own writing journey began. Here’s mine.


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