5 Strategies For Successful Job Returnship…

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.

Lee Bolman

Camilia laughed and laughed out loud as she sat watching reels on her social media channel. She then slumped down, placed her head in her hands as the tears began to flow. The pandemic had done a number on her and she was now at her wits end because she needed to get back to work. Oh what could she do? The daily depression had set in as her bills piled high.

Many are in similar situations as Camilia and that’s where the Today’s Show article titled 10 Tips on getting back into the workforce with ‘returnships’ becomes applicable. Of the 10 strategies, I’ll list my top 5 favorite which is key to your getting back into the peace of mind that a meaningful job brings.

5 Strategies To Help You Get Back To Work

  1. Define what What Success Means to you. This is very important. Like I have always said “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there” and who knows where you will end up. The book Ditch it Switch it shares several sample definitions of successful leaders that you can either adopt or tweak to suit your situation.
  2. Dedicate Time in one, two or three hour blocks. As a coach to aspiring authors that is exactly what I preach. A book is written over time and not all at once. In the same way it is important to plan your path and map out what you would like to get done to prepare for that job. Is it research on top companies in your area? Is it that you would like a career change and you are unsure of the type of job that you would like to get into? Do you need to upskill? These are some of the things that you need to consider in order to get to your desired end goal
  3. Network. Network. Network. Can’t say that enough. Alert people in your network to the fact that you are on the hunt. Combine that with online networking groups and you will be surprised at what turns up for you.
  4. Fill your cup first. Here Tami Foreman -the author. speaks to self-care. Job search does take it’s toll especially when you don’t receive the ‘yes‘ that you want. You may find these self-care tips helpful
  5. Take Risks and be Persistent. I have always maintained to go after what you desire. Let them turn you down. Do not self-reject.

Whatever you do, be consistent and serious about it. You will find with consistency comes reward if you don’t give up.

What are your top tip(s) that you would like to share with someone getting back into the workforce after being out of work for some time? Do share, we would love to hear!


Goals. The Power Of The List…

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Henry Ford

Goals, write them down. Then work them. In a recent post Yendi shared her 10 Goals.
Years ago when I was expecting, I went to Lamaze class where my only child at the time would play with the instructor’s teen, Yendi.

Big Goals

Recently Yendi reflected how she wrote down her 10-year goals. Many reveal that they cannot even think that far. In Yendi’s case her dream was to enter and win the Miss Jamaica World contest. She worked it and yep, she did it! From the entry to the steps to win it … and that she did.

So make sure that your goals are BIG so you can’t miss them when they come through!

How old are you now? What dreams are you carrying. Take the time to write them down. Then once you do, work them and there’s no doubt that you will achieve them. Don’t know where to start? Let’s connect or dive into the book Ditch it Switch It and it will show you how.

An expert? Still write the goals for your next chapter since we’re always growing.


5 Things To Give Up For The Love Of Success…

Success Strategies

Renowned author Arianna Huffington announced her top 13 Things To Give Up for success. From her list, I’ve selected my top 5. Here I share:

  1. Give up on playing it Small
  2. Give up on Excuses
  3. Give up on Perfectionism  
  4. Give up on saying YES to things that don’t support your goals
  5. Give up on Toxic People

So those are mine, what’s yours? My intention is to set up an Allergic reaction every time I deviate to keep me on track. Accountability partner, I know you’ve got my back.

Remember to be successful in life you must be willing to do more, think more, and go beyond the call of duty.


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Goals: Don’t Wait. Don’t Look Back…

Success Strategies

“Run love! Run!” Those were the words I shouted to my preschooler when she was running track on her first school’s sports day. We found out that she had talent very early. She started running and when she discovered that she was way out ahead of the other runners, she stopped to look back for the other kids in the race. And if that was not enough, she decided to wait on them to catch up with her. It was a hilarious sight! Indeed it was no surprise when she became Famous for this little feat.

But aren’t we a lot like that at times? We are making huge progress towards our goals, dreams, and aspirations, then we stop. It seems too good to be true. We wait and before realize it, we have missed our path and go off track.

As we approach yearend, how have you been progressing…

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21 Authors Share How Their Writing Journey Began…

Writers Write. Readers Read. Together they are one

I am always intrigued by stories, especially those told by others about new beginnings. Here I share as writers told how they writing journey was inspired.

  1. I wrote to escape the loneliness of my husband who had to work away from home as we transitioned to the cold north.
  2. When I moved away from my childhood friends
  3. My short essays and fiction have all been written from my life.
  4. It must have been engrained in my blood
  5. A nosey irritating neighbor who believed I needed company
  6. Daydreaming during a long commute that had dialogue and scenes that demanded to be written down
  7. 26 months solitary confinement with short stories from my childhood as a start
  8. A terribly boring book I read to my son at age 6. I knew I could do better
  9. God gave me the desire to write
  10. The pandemic and Quarantine made me take the plunge
  11. A dare from a neighbor
  12. Getting into trouble for talking in the study hall and being assigned to write a 500 word theme to write on anything I wanted as punishment. Next day I turned in a 13 page short story.
  13. My first novel resulted from an ugly divorce
  14. The loss of my beautiful baby boys.
  15. The ideas and content come to me in dreams. I have to just put them in order.
  16. Car accident that left me disabled for a while
  17. A dream and three nouns
  18. My right (creative) side of the brain dying a slow death in a left side dominant (rational) job
  19. My imagination
  20. Sitting in the airport for a 2-hour-layover, waiting on a flight to hunt with my kids. The rest is history
  21. Nature walk with just me and headphones

Interesting new beginnings! How about you? Do share how your own writing journey began. Here’s mine.


Living Your Life As A Mask…

We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own paths and we will never be happy if we live someone else’s idea of life.

Success Strategies

A new writer shared her Instagram name. It was nowhere close to her real names . I beckoned to her… smile in tow…”you do make it hard, don’t you? In haste she retorted “it’s so my employer can’t find me”.

I smiled.

Our Lives In Compartments

How many of us are like that? We live our lives in compartments trying to separate our true selves from what those around us see publicly.

To Hide To Be

It’s a hard choice but sometimes you have to hide in order “to be“. I pray one day that you will be able to just be. To reveal your true identity and just be the you that you want to be.


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Fear Of Dying With Unaccomplished Dreams…

My greatest fear is dying without accomplishing my own dreams.

A middle-aged woman was deeply depressed. She had helped her children succeed in life. When they bought their first house, she was there. When they had their kids, she was there. A child needed to be picked up, she was there. However through a series of events, she began reflecting. She got stuck and locked herself away from others. When we finally spoke, she shared that she loves her kids and was happy with their success, but her greatest fear was dying without accomplishing her own dreams.

The Selfish Few

Aren’t we like that at times? We are always there for others to the detriment of our own dreams. Those who step out and go after their dreams without considering others are termed selfish. The challenge is for us to find the right balance. The balance to remember our own goals, dreams and aspirations while assisting those we care about with achieving their own.

Dream Home

Lets take for example buying your dream home. Consider what it would take. Search the requirements for you to qualify for a mortgage with a lending institution. Start searching. What location would you like to buy your dream home? Does it need to be close to your job or are you willing to relocate and move to a different area? Out of state or instate? Out of the county or within the county? Next, consider what would you like to have? Two, three or four bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Do you work from home and therefore need an office? Questions, questions, questions. You’re right. Answer them all. The progress will enlighten.

Dream Job

Is it that you would like to change careers? If so, start researching careers that interest you. Do you need to get an education or certification to get into that field? If so, what education do you need? How will you afford the training? Will you need to get a part-time job to help boost your finances? Will your company cover the training expense? And if they do, will they expect you to stick around after you graduate? There is also the option of scholarship or student loan if you qualify.

Aspiring Author

What about a hobby? I’ll use writing because I love to write. Have you dreamed of becoming an author? What will you write about? What are you interested in? Fiction, non-fiction? Biography? If so, where do you start?

The point of these examples is to emphasize that there is always hope for those who dream. They can still come through despite your age, finances, and anything else that you consider a stumbling block. Simply start with clarifying the dream, the goal. Create a timeline. It will help you track your progress and boost your psych as you accomplish each step. Once done, dig deep into making them real. Disregard anything negative that will distract you. Many have accomplished dreams no matter their age. There is always hope. George Foreman regained the heavyweight title at age 45. Colonel Sanders franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken at age 62. The media recently shared a 99 year-old woman who decided to get a tattoo and a daredevil bike ride simply to cross it off her bucket-centennial-list. She is definitely still dreaming.

Today, I encourage you to go after your dreams. Whether you are young or more mature, don’t let age stop you. After all, age is just a number.

Need help? Lets connect.


Have You Ever Been Afraid?

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

— Henry Ford

Ever been afraid? I have. I lived with my grandmother in a nice house when I was growing up. When I was 10 years old, I passed the entrance exam to attend a prestigious high school. It was located close to where my parents lived so I moved to live with them instead. The only problem was… the house was old and antiquated. Being close to school I did not want the students to see where I lived because I feared they would tease me. So for all my high school years, I hid from them. Only close friends knew. The other challenge was that I was well known at school because I was active on the track team as well as other extracurricular activities which made it worse. I ‘really’ had to hide.

At the end of high school, we were evicted when the house was condemned which as it turned out was kind of a good thing. People love to stay in their comfort zone. My parents had no choice but to move.

Since then there were many other times when I was afraid. Such as having my first child, making my first presentation to a big audience at work both locally and internationally. Not to mention the time I jumped out of a plane doing a sky dive! So as most of you know, I have never let fear stop me from doing anything I want to do. I do things even when afraid. Fear is my driver. I guess I owe that to that old house.

Over 20 years later and after a career dedicated to managing people in organizations, I now spend my time

  • Helping organizational leaders giving them advice and solutions on how to manage their people problems
  • Helping individuals who wish to make a career change but are afraid to take the leap
  • Helping aspiring authors write their first book

Essentially, if you are stuck in fear and afraid to do what you want to do for many reasons, lets connect. I can help you get pass your fear because I have been there.


7 Essential Steps To Busting Career Barriers… 

Success Strategies

It’s the most devastating news! I sat across from Kate with her manager. We shared the news that today was her last day. It was nothing she had done wrong. It was simply a change in business due to the crisis. Over 70 percent of employees had to go. Kate was one. She cried. Begged. Pleaded. She had kids, and was the sole provider. But there was nothing we could do. She had to go, as did the others. It was a uniform strike across the board.

Have you or anyone you know ever been blindsided by such horrific news? You worked hard. You were a diligent worker who went above and beyond the call of duty. Yet, it was now your time. You wonder how you will survive. Life seems insurmountable. I am here to tell you that you can survive. Here are 7 Steps that will help to…

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The 6 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Direction…

Success Strategies


Ever felt that nudge when you know something is off. That nudge that just won’t go away. We ignore it. Distract it. Do everything we can to procrastinate or avoid that funny feeling that we get. The feeling that only you can identify.

Yes we have all been there. It might be that change in our career, relationship, finances and more. Knowing when it’s time to make that move–to do something different. It’s important to do it and not wait until your circumstances get drastic and the change is forced upon you as can happen when we are forced out of a job.

The Daily Positive shared the 6 Signs For You To Change Direction. Check out the YouTube video or take a look at the list as it is captured and shared here.

  1. You keep pushing and nothings happening. It’s like your Head is against a brick wall

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Just Because You’re Good At Something…

Just because you’re Good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it forever.

Emily P. Freeman

So many of us get up each day and do the things we are good at even though we are miserable and no longer enjoy what we are doing.

Why not Try something new today? Maybe you will have to learn it. Maybe it will challenge you. But in learning something different you get that thrill, that drive that stimulates. Who knows… your passion may take a turn for the better and drive you to new heights of joy as your life unfolds differently

Something to think about.


Traveling To A Place I’ve Never Been…

Corona Air Travel to a place I have never been.

6 Feet apart on the ground.

Masks, face covering and all as orders came for businesses to reopen

Next day mandatory

Embarked on flight observing the usual.

Full flight. Clumped together

White paper bags distributed on entry with tiny pack of cookies and bottled water.

The usual. No changes there

I can see the signs

Less crew to come.

With safe distancing, there’s nothing they need to do besides the initial guidance in preparation for take off

And even then, that’s automated

Three hours later, the friendship State I arrived.

Big airport. Masks everywhere

Until I get to my mountainous destination

Scanty. A few masked ones. The rest on their own.

Free to wander. Free to decide.

Spread the germs

Get the germs

The virus

Will it ever end?

Second leg. Flight empty except for a few dozen passengers

I arrive at my seat.

Backpack in hand and rollercase

I  was assigned to sit next to another passenger

I looked around. Why?

The flights empty for crying out loud!

Lovely lady. Kind. Helped me get ‘settled’ into my window seat

Except…. there’s no window.

Oh that’s weird.

A window seat with no window, hmm

Of course I couldn’t settle

One of my pastimes while traveling is to stare out the window

I read. I write. I plan. I stare. Eyes fixed until the earth beneath disappears behind the clouds

Then I gaze at the morning’s sunrise, midday sun or evening sunset

At nights I just stare at the lights until they are gone

Then I zoom into the plane’s flicker against the night sky.

Absolutely love

But then back to my story.

My kind neighbor who looks like a mayor’s wife who bakes cookies and welcomes all at Christmastime agree that I can make haste to the window behind.

No flight attendant in sight. I settle in.

Flight ready for takeoff they asked me to elevate the seat back

The sure demise of a previous passenger

I wiped the place clean … well as clean as I could without looking like a germaphobe

Settled in.

Look around at a passenger dressed in spacesuit

Extra precaution I’d say

Hungry …. had not eaten from morning and airport snack counters closed for obvious reason

I slaughtered a pack of biscuits brought from home

I usually sleep during take off but was too ravished to nap.

I dived in and ate and ate until the pack of biscuits disappeared

Now I await the 3 hour flight to a place I’ve never been

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