Have You Ever Been Afraid?

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

— Henry Ford

Ever been afraid? I have. I lived with my grandmother in a nice house when I was growing up. When I was 10 years old, I passed the entrance exam to attend a prestigious high school. It was located close to where my parents lived so I moved to live with them instead. The only problem was… the house was old and antiquated. Being close to school I did not want the students to see where I lived because I feared they would tease me. So for all my high school years, I hid from them. Only close friends knew. The other challenge was that I was well known at school because I was active on the track team as well as other extracurricular activities which made it worse. I ‘really’ had to hide.

At the end of high school, we were evicted when the house was condemned which as it turned out was kind of a good thing. People love to stay in their comfort zone. My parents had no choice but to move.

Since then there were many other times when I was afraid. Such as having my first child, making my first presentation to a big audience at work both locally and internationally. Not to mention the time I jumped out of a plane doing a sky dive! So as most of you know, I have never let fear stop me from doing anything I want to do. I do things even when afraid. Fear is my driver. I guess I owe that to that old house.

Over 20 years later and after a career dedicated to managing people in organizations, I now spend my time

  • Helping organizational leaders giving them advice and solutions on how to manage their people problems
  • Helping individuals who wish to make a career change but are afraid to take the leap
  • Helping aspiring authors write their first book

Essentially, if you are stuck in fear and afraid to do what you want to do for many reasons, lets connect. I can help you get pass your fear because I have been there.


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