Social Media: Here’s How I Use Strategically…

Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.”

Seth Godin

Want time to fly? Start scrolling. Want to develop skills? Grow professionally? Network? Search for answers, trends? Get Social. It is the answer for most things. But be intentional. Here I share how I use the different medium


LinkedIn is used for Professional connection. To learn and grow personally and to keep in touch with professional association networking opportunities. As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), ICF South Florida, HHRABC Hospitality Association, Florida Writers Association (FWA), this platform keeps connections updated on industry happenings.


Instagram I use to motivate, and inspire. On a daily basis i share inspirational quotes to encourage those seeking purpose, driving confidence and encourage followers to grow and develop and to never give up on their goals. It’s also used for entertainment as I love all things dance. I also support other writer who post book events and happenings there.


Facebook began as a place to keep in touch with friends far and wide. Birthdays, anniversaries, and all things celebration reside there.

TikTok, Twitter

Two different platforms. I post on Twitter through my blog but don’t reside there. When I want a laugh, I head over to TikTok or sometimes for book Toc ideas to boost my book marketing and writing prowess.

Essentially social media provides that online networking opportunity for all things virtual. It’s a necessary tool provided it’s used sparingly. Want time to fly? Just start scrolling and before you know, an hour or two passes by in a flash.

I am Curious…. On which platform do you visit the most and what is your purpose for using it? Do share, we would love to hear.


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