Survive. Mourn. Rebuild 

Tears in the night..awaken to the voice of the weather forecaster’s prediction of “Lots of sunshine; everything remains calm”. Calm I say? Calm? How can everything be calm? Only a day before terror skirted the environs of the happiest place on earth…Orlando. A place now scarred by the insane. A place now recorded as the deadliest nightmare in U.S. History. Tis sad. Questions reign. How? What? … Continue reading Survive. Mourn. Rebuild 

The Scene…The Silence

Sitting, observing nature’s sound at play. The outdoors quiet, peaceful, calm Kids playing Nature responding The canal flowing..slowly moving gently in the wind Light breeze Trees swaying Dark clouds…Will it rain? Squirrels climbing trees Lizards missing Dog running All seems happy. Curious . Excited. <a href=””>Understanding</a&gt; Continue reading The Scene…The Silence

Disconnected: Writing, Not Writing

A workaholic, insatiable learner, and serial volunteer. That’s what I do when I’m not writing. I volunteer in activities that contribute to the growth and personal development of individuals. My passion is connected to my vision to see a world where individuals can become successful, however they define it. So I invest the time to speak with individuals and groups throughout the local, national, and international … Continue reading Disconnected: Writing, Not Writing

The Letter

I love writing letters. Turning my thoughts into letter form is stimulating. Most of all the satisfaction comes through it being uninterrupted. I write to my love, my kids, my friends and most of all…my God. At times letters go unmailed.Oft they may even be ignored. This has not been a problem because my feat was to clear my head.  Pause, take a second or … Continue reading The Letter