Water …

Water…a necessity for life. For living. We can’t do without it. Surprisingly, I came across a site that captures only raindrops. It caught my attention as I love the different forms water comes in. It may be the river, the sea, the tap, waterfall, canal, stream; it may even appear through bursts of lightening and thunder! Water though essential to living can also be extremely dangerous. … Continue reading Water …

10 Worse Jobs 2016

Hate your job? Hold up, it could be worse. Here’s SHRM’s list of the worst job this year. 1. Newspaper reporter 2. Logger (forestry) 3. Broadcaster 4. Disc jockey 5. Enlisted military member 6. Pest control worker 7. Retail salesperson  8. Advertising salesperson 9. Taxi driver 10.Fire Fighter  Common thread is the losing battle with professional growth opportunities, salary, demands on time and the stress … Continue reading 10 Worse Jobs 2016

Mid-Summer Daze Dream

Lazy days. Basking in the sun, the sea, and the sand. Trailed by long quiet starry nights. When you think of summer, what do you think of? Strange question but sometimes some things come so naturally that we don’t give it much thought. But curiosity sparked I searched google for definitions. Here’s what I found which may be useful for Floridians and Caribbean Globe trotters who … Continue reading Mid-Summer Daze Dream

Survive. Mourn. Rebuild 

Tears in the night..awaken to the voice of the weather forecaster’s prediction of “Lots of sunshine; everything remains calm”. Calm I say? Calm? How can everything be calm? Only a day before terror skirted the environs of the happiest place on earth…Orlando. A place now scarred by the insane. A place now recorded as the deadliest nightmare in U.S. History. Tis sad. Questions reign. How? What? … Continue reading Survive. Mourn. Rebuild 

The Scene…The Silence

Sitting, observing nature’s sound at play. The outdoors quiet, peaceful, calm Kids playing Nature responding The canal flowing..slowly moving gently in the wind Light breeze Trees swaying Dark clouds…Will it rain? Squirrels climbing trees Lizards missing Dog running All seems happy. Curious . Excited. <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/understanding/”>Understanding</a&gt; Continue reading The Scene…The Silence