Success Strategies


9 Steps To Writing Your First Book

Write. Just Write. When writing, forget about being perfect. Just focus on getting the information out of your head and on paper

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If not now…then when?


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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do…

clearing your mind of the dissonance so common to times of transition.

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4 Barriers To Change…

We don’t know what lies ahead and that causes fear, apprehension and dissent

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Goals: 5 Ways to Achieve…

Be bold. Be Different.

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The Trails of Success…

the entrepreneurial climb, the treks of academic acclaim, the beauty of a loving family, the longing of a beautiful relationship, or the Scent of music divine.

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The Color Yellow…

The color Yellow enhances vision, builds confidence

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And Along Came Success…

I pounced upon the study of Success by accident

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Life: Marathons Unseen…

Life’s uncertainties at times leave us baffled–often as if in a maze with no way out. The Unseen provides periods of confusion, apprehension, and fear.

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Someday I’ll …

Someday I’ll do this. Someday I’ll do that. How many of us often sit or live at the ‘wishing well’ that someday I’ll do this, or that. Someday I’ll get that perfect body. I’ll have that perfect house, job, spouse, marriage…

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Infinite Possibilities…

Your Possibilities are endless. Don’t confine yourself. Step out and by faith you will accomplish what you will today.

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Goals. Be Specific…

Goals. Be Specific. Believe. Achieve

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