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Face Your Giant…

Giant…of very great size or force Face your Giant. What’s going on in your life that seems like a giant? Is it a career decision? A conflict on the job? A conflict at home with your spouse, kids or loved ones?…

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Life’s a Bridge…Detour.

Peace. Quiet. Calm. Leaves swaying in the wind. Overcast. Tiny rain drops. Light ripples dance in the lake. Couple sits quietly on bench enjoying quiet laughter. Tiny green lizard beckons. I’m scared as always. 30 Minutes Later Lizard closer. Still…

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The Written Word: Rearranged

Words defy us. At times we are at a loss. Other times we need to Rearrange words, phrases, sentences. This chart provides alternatives compliments of themetapicture writer. Cheers. Rearrange

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Smoked. Hope Banned…

Smoke is a visible suspension of carbon or other particles in air, typically one emitted from a burning substance We gain insights into the path we have trod by looking back. It’s in looking back that we are able to…

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Read. Write. Connect.


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Writing’s Depth….


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Start it. Finish it.

A Candle must be lit to burn. Goals….light it.

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Promise to Write…


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Writing. The Alternatives…

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Finish It.

One of my favorite anecdotes is about the movie Ice Age when the chickens fought hard to save their watermelons because the ice age was coming, and would stay for a billion, billion years! So they had to prepare. During…

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