Success Strategies


First Things First…

Ever spent time searching for something that you know will not add any value to your day? The crazy perfectionist in me does that sometimes. Today, I searched for information and went crazy trying to find something that was like…

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Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends: Pick 3.
Personally, I am a recovering workaholic…

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Believe That You Can…

In order to Succeed, You Must First Believe That You Can…   Leaf   

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5-Step Checklist to Get Yourself Out There!

Scared as heck! Hear this all the time….”Get yourself Out there! Get known! Let others see you! Let them get to know you!” But we are as scared as heck! What if we fail? What if people mock? What if…

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Don’t Be Afraid…


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Be You…

It’s gonna be great! Excitedly he posted it on social media. Tentatively he waited, and waited, and waited. Hours later, no likes. Not a single one. Didn’t they understand why he posted it? Didn’t they get the picture? Angrily he…

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Comfort Zone Is Beautiful But Nothing Grows There…

Comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. Comfort zones…, don’t you just love ’em? I have always taken pride in the care of my skin, especially my face. I just hate it when it looks neglected….

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Facing Distractions: 13 Ways To Manage…

a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. At the start of the week I decided to do a webinar on Goal Setting. Then Hurricane Irma blew in. Evacuations, preparations, and plans to survive stepped in….

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Success: Anticipate. Prepare…


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Job Hop? Nothing Lasts Forever…

The bad news is nothing lasts forever, The good news is nothing lasts forever. – J. Cole Many were accustomed to working with the same company for 20-30 years. But the average life span of employment with the same company…

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